Monitoring & controlling access to The White Chapel Building

Working with Antron Security, one of our key installation partners, Fastlane turnstiles form part of an integrated security solution at The White Chapel Building, located in Aldgate East in London.

As part of the redevelopment of the building by property development firm, Derwent London, they required a new security system that would deliver solutions for all their existing and new tenants’ needs.


There was a requirement that tenants could only access their assigned floor/s and approved areas, as well as facilitating the efficient management of temporary access for visitors and preventing unauthorised people from moving beyond the lobby.

At the heart of the solution were four customised Fastlane Glassgate 200 Speedgates which integrated with the Inner Range Integriti Pro – an intelligent IP-based access control system – and the Bluepoint Visitor Pass System, which allowed for temporary passes to be distributed by a host to visitors. Visitor passes could be issued in a number of formats – including paper, email, Apple or Google wallet passes – and then allow visitors to gain access through the Fastlane turnstiles, operate the lifts to the floor where their host is situated and access areas of the building based on permissions set up by the host.

For tenants, HID’s Mobile Access® solution, with Twist and Go activation and powered by breakthrough Seos® credential technology, allows tenants to securely access their workspace using their smart device, which is almost always conveniently on hand.

Jamie Crane, Commercial Director at Antron Security, said: “The Fastlane Glassgate 200 Speedgates enabled the reception and security staff to effectively manage the security of the building, whilst preventing access from unauthorised visitors. Plus, they are capable of intuitive third-party integration allowing for enhanced security features and benefits such as access control and visitor pass generation. The integration capabilities and flexibility of the Fastlane units mean they have the future capacity to support us in meeting the ever-changing requirements of the landlord, tenants and client.”

Phil Allen, UK Sales Manager at IDL, adds: “Operationally, this integrated system has improved the efficiency and productivity of reception staff and also means that security personnel are no longer needed to man areas which are now monitored and controlled by our Speedgates. The turnstiles act as both a visual deterrent and a physical barrier preventing unauthorised people from gaining access to areas of the building beyond the lobby. Integrated with the access control and visitor management system, the turnstiles also provide more accurate monitoring of who is inside the building at any given time, which in turn strengthens health and safety as well as security measures.”

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