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7 ways that your entrance control can support your brand values

First impressions count.  Potential and existing customers, employees and suppliers are picking up on the subtle cues as to what is important to your company from the first time they set foot in your reception area, so make sure that your security decisions are sending out the right messages and reinforcing your company’s brand values.

In the below video, we highlight some of the most frequently used brand values and show how making the right security choice can help to reinforce these from the get-go. If you would like more detail, continue reading the blog below too…

1. Trust

Your reception area sends out the message to visitors and staff that the company takes its responsibility seriously, so it’s important to choose measures which appropriately reflect the security risk.  Consider what kind of demonstration of security is necessary to convey the right tone, as it’s possible to retain a high level of security without having to have very obtrusive pedestrian entrance controls in place.

2. Efficient

You need to keep out potential threats, but your security shouldn’t inconvenience the people who are authorised for access. For these people, passing through security is a means to an end, not the goal.  Fast processing following presentation of a card; effective identification of items separate from but belonging to the user; the flexibility to change lane opening rules in high traffic periods; and software integrations such as elevator calling, meeting notes or library book reminders all improve the user experience and the resultant brand perception.

3. Customer focused

Visitors without an entry card will be relieved if they are not confronted by a security process which causes them delay in any way.  With Fastlane Connect ethernet connectivity, it is simple to change lane entry quickly for a single pedestrian, or a large group perhaps entering with a senior member of staff who wishes to forgo the security process for the benefit of continuing discussions.

4. Sustainable

A commitment to sustainability can be satisfied by your choice of turnstile, ensuring that specifiers are aware of the need for low power options and the potential for remote firmware upgrades to enable ongoing compatibility with changing systems without the need for replacing the turnstiles themselves.  Our products offer a relatively predictable and very low ‘total cost of ownership’ as a result of the low power consumption, low numbers of consumable parts, reliability over 5 million cycles without failure, fast and efficient global distribution network for support and spares. Clever use of integrations can also impact building efficiency, read more about this here.

5. Creative

If you are looking for something quirky, dramatic or exciting to suit a bold or creative area, consider custom options for your entrance turnstiles.  With the potential to change many of the design elements – including etching on the doors, choices of top panels including stone, Corian or marble, and side panels with both colour and finish options – there is no need to stick to the brushed steel and glass of standard units if you are looking for something more unique.  If you have a particular design requirement that you would like to discuss, or you would like to see some samples of materials, please call the team on +44 (0)208 890 5550.

6. Equal opportunities/Inclusivity

IDL has developed a number of different Fastlane turnstiles that lend themselves easily to the inclusion of wider lanes to allow complete accessibility for all, whilst still retaining a high level of security which can sometimes be lost when door height or width increases.  Biometric mapping can also be integrated to enable facial recognition to that the only barrier to accessibility is lack of authorisation.

7. Reliability

Fastlane turnstiles are known in the industry for being reliable from the outset – a huge benefit when one of the qualities you want to impress on people is how organised and dependable your company is and the last thing you need is for one of the turnstiles not to be working.  This reliability is a direct result of our turnstiles being manufactured to order and on site in our UK offices.  The proximity of the factory floor to the technical and operations departments ensures regular conversation and joined-up problem solving between the key teams rather than build happening remotely.

Turnstiles might not seem a critical element in your overall brand delivery, but the key with effective brand messaging is consistency so having any elements that jar with your intended characteristics will undermine efforts in other areas.  Choose your turnstiles carefully and work with a manufacturer that ensure you can fully support your brand goals rather than makes you look like you’re just paying lip service to them.

For more information about Fastlane turnstiles and applications, or to arrange a private product demonstration at our showroom in Feltham, West London, please get in touch with our team on +44 (0)20 8890 5550 or email