Unlocking quality: why we build in Britain and why you gain, wherever you are

The modern era has seen the UK’s economy diversify from manufacture into other areas, but Integrated Design Limited (IDL) proudly continues the “made in Britain” tradition, because we believe it not only makes us stronger internally but has benefits for our customers too.

UK based, UK built

We design and build all of our Fastlane turnstiles, as well as our Door Detective optical anti-tailgating detection units, at our UK headquarters in Feltham, West London.

Everyone from senior management  to our production operatives  who assemble the products, work together side by side. Unlike some suppliers who describe themselves as manufacturers, we don’t simply source the sub-assemblies and connect them together, nor do we re-badge and rename imported products as our own.

Every component in our products is designed by us to be there” explains Tony Smith, Major Accounts and Marketing Manager. “Most elements we design and make. A few things that we don’t  actually manufacture internally – like some printed circuit boards– are custom components made to our design and layouts, including individual component choices, by long-term partners who are local, so we can work with them iteratively before we approve any new item. Our materials suppliers are all local too.”

Why in-house equals quality

As well as creating complete control of the design and manufacturing process, this inclusive approach has also created a sense of personal investment in the process for our team members.

Indeed, a strong part of our quality control process is instilling in each induvial that they are as responsible as their colleagues for every aspect of quality that makes the finished products so predicably reliable.

“It’s a proud moment to see each unit go out the door, and I feel that the ones I’ve helped to assemble have my initials or my signature on them,” commented Matthew Thomas one of our build leaders.

It is our belief that only this full control of the product enables us to maintain the reputation we have achieved. In addition, all units are taken from design to the assembly team’s Objective Sheets to completion using fully formalised procedures that always adhere to our ISO 9001 and ISO14001 accreditations.

A great number of our end user customers and installation partners have long-term relationships with us, choosing to rely on us again and again.

The unit you want, not the closest approximation

Fastlane turnstiles are bespoke products and each one is built to order Functional customisations include lane width, barrier height, and optional elements such as locking brakes, with a wide variety of materials and finishes available; perhaps you prefer a bead blast matte, or a mirror polish.

Add a Corian® top to the unit if you wish, or the paint, lacquers or vinyl wrapping option of your choice. All of this can only be offered because we have firm start-to-finish control of the product. Find out more here.

Short and reliable lead times

With everything sourced locally and assembled in-house, the time taken from order to fulfilment is inevitably shorter. Whether your site is in London or Los Angeles, you will benefit from the focus and self-reliance of a truly integrated process of design and manufacture.

Whatever options you select, you can be sure of receiving your order on time. Our in-house approach means little supply chain reliance. Every assembly is scheduled well in advance, under the individual care of a build leader.

A values-driven team

Company values only tend to flourish if everyone feels a genuine sense of connection to what they are producing.

At IDL, our values include a commitment to sustainability, with our exceptionally low-power units using less than one kWh per day. Read more about our further commitments, which include:

  • Our zero-landfill goal, with significant progress towards it already achieved
  • Our programme of progressive reduction in utilities consumption, driven by objective measurement
  • Our green packaging drive
  • Our commitment to long-term availability of parts and sub-assemblies, for maximum product life

For UK customers, this means onsite manufacturer support, enquiry to delivery, at no extra cost

An additional advantage to those closer to us is that we stand ready to come to site whenever that might be useful. Projects usually start with a no-charge site visit, where we can assess constraints and options for your location directly, and also take photos if desired so you can see how the units and customisation options you have in mind will look, once custom 3D renders are created and dropped into the pictures.

Wherever you are, you can benefit from our consolidated, quality-driven approach to designing and building our turnstiles. “Anyone is welcome to arrange a tour of our production line any time,” comments Tony.

“Whatever the manufacturing sector, I would advise anyone dealing with a firm that claims UK manufacture to ask in detail what that means, and then ask if you can see for yourself. Certainly with IDL, there are no secrets.”

To speak to us about a visit to our West London HQ, or anything else, please call +44 (0)20 8890 5550 or email info@fastlane-turnstiles.com.