Meet the Installer – Sam Yaffie, Antron Security

Antron Security has been providing security solutions to various organisations since 1988 and the company prides itself on the values of quality, precision and exceptional service.

The Antron team provide a complete security consultancy service from supply, and design through to installation and maintenance and has been installing Fastlane entrance control systems since 2009.

We spoke to Sam Yaffie to learn more about the company, why integration is important in today’s security market and to find out about some of the projects they have been involved with.

Why is Fastlane your entrance control partner of choice?

The Fastlane team are easy to deal with during the sales and quotation period plus we know we will receive great technical support from setting out the lanes onsite to installing/accommodating required readers and QR code scanners on the turnstiles. Fastlane has a great understanding and feel for design plus a real understanding of the exacting requirements whether we are dealing with an end client or an architect, we know we can rely on them.

Can you explain more about any projects Antron have been involved in where Fastlane turnstiles were selected as the ideal solution?

There are a number of London-based projects where Jamie Crane our Commercial Director has chosen Fastlane solutions, these include; Turnmills in Clerkenwell, 77 Coleman Street in Moorgate, the Angel Building in Islington, the Whitechapel Building in the City fringe and 48 Pall Mall in the West End.

What questions are commonly asked by customers as part of the security specification process?

The ability to provide bespoke design solutions is key. Our customers are looking to balance security with aesthetic appeal and are looking for entrance control solutions that meet that brief.  We can be working with architects looking to ensure that the turnstiles blend with an existing design scheme, or building managers looking for solutions that provide effective security while also factoring in traffic control and attendance management.

What features are commonly asked for?

Integration options are commonly requested, so that’s things like lift integration, IP cloud-hosted access control and visitor pass.  Our customers are looking for entrance systems that can control and/or restrict access from the reception area through to lift lobbies.  Plus integration with solutions such as Vertical Transportation Systems (VTS) and Destination Control Systems (DCS) means we can specify solutions that improve the efficiency of the security systems and improve the visitor experience.

What are the main entrance control requirements your customers are looking for?

To provide a visible sign of security at street level while at the same time promoting a seamless entrance experience for those who are entering and exiting the building.  With many of our projects being for central London office buildings, our customers are looking to achieve a high-end/hotel-style concierge style feel which means the security, while a key part, shouldn’t be intrusive or impede the flow of users.

 What types of integration projects have you worked on with Fastlane? 

At 77 Coleman Street, we selected the Fastlane Glassgate 250 to integrate with the Forge Bluepoint visitor management system, Inner Range access control and Kone lifts, to provide high-level visitor management and destination control.

At the heart of the solution installed at the Whitechapel Building were four customised Fastlane Glassgate 200 Speedgates which integrated with the Inner Range Integriti Pro – an intelligent IP-based access control system – and the Bluepoint Visitor Pass System, which allows for temporary passes to be distributed by a host to visitors.

With this solution, visitor passes could be issued in a number of formats – including paper, email, Apple or Google wallet passes – and allowed visitors to gain access through the Fastlane turnstiles, operate the lifts to the floor where their host is situated and access areas of the building based on permissions set up by the host.

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