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Keeping calm and carrying on online: how we’re supporting customers during the Coronavirus

Since the Coronavirus, we have been focusing on keeping calm and carrying on. Our priority has been the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers and suppliers whilst ensuring we continue to supply and support our customers as effectively as we can and with minimal disruption. It seems that the majority of the industry is in the same mindset, as enquiries are still coming in and orders being placed for future projects.

But what has changed is how the critical information that supports decision-making is being accessed.

Gone, for now, are the catch-ups over coffee, the lunch and learns, the exhibition networking, the face-to-face client presentations and showroom visits.

In their place are a raft of digital alternatives that we all have had to embrace. In fairness, despite being a 35-year old company, we had quite a number of digital options already. But, given the changing sales process, we wanted to let you know how we share product information so you can find the information you need, and get your research completed, as quickly as possible.Safely returning to the workspace post-pandemic

BIM capability

Our products are available as BIM models, to provide Architects and Specifiers with models and data in various formats required for BIM. Please click on the BIMObject or NBS National BIM Library logos to open our pages in either library.

Online BIM libraries make it simple for our global customers to download complete and detailed 3D BIM objects for architects, designers and specifiers to use directly in their renders, specifications and calculations.

The interest and take up of BIM has grown rapidly over recent years but, since lockdown was instigated, we’ve seen a substantial increase in visits and downloads of our BIM resources.

Web hosted digital content and apps

Through our Downloads Library on this website, you are able to browse a range of case studies and access downloadable brochures, ebooks, technical product datasheets, procurement tools and much more.

You can download product images for client references as well as reviewing recent news stories to find out about contract wins and completions, and integrations or bespoke projects that might provide inspiration for your own.

If your webinar schedule becomes overwhelming, our concise thought leadership blogs offer the latest insights into the market place both in the UK and overseas.

Via the same library, you can also access our collection of apps, including FastCmd – our Windows based app which allows authorised users to control and monitor their Fastlane turnstiles from a convenient Windows PC or Tablet connected to the same network – and Fastlane Finder, which allows you to register your turnstiles and enable Fastlane Connect Functionality.

Social channels

Our LinkedIn channel is where we share all of our information first and foremost, but our sales teams also share content regularly with their own connections to ensure they are kept up to date with new products and other changes. At the moment, with the wide variety of integrations being requested by clients, our social channels are the most up to date reference point.

They also provide a direct link to our sales team who would be happy to receive a request over LinkedIn messages or InMail to assist with any queries.

Tony Smith – Major Accounts
Phil Allen – UK outside M25
John Austin – UK within M25
Alan Hardy – EMEA


Our monthly newsletter includes a round-up of our most recent content. Under more normal circumstances, we’d be adding the contacts met from the exhibitions which had been such a mainstay of everyone’s calendars, but as these look to still be a way off resuming, new sign-ups are directed here.

Finally, don’t forget we’re always happy to have a chat, whether via Teams or over the phone. And, because we’ve all been lacking in human contact recently and to remind you of some of the faces behind Fastlane, we’ve put together a number of short profiles on our sales team members. So, when you next speak to Phil, why not ask about his obsession with Tottenham (or perhaps not if you’re an Arsenal or Chelsea supporter), or speak to Tony about the next destination on his bucket list (once we’re all able to travel again). Some of our ways of working might have changed, but the way we like to support customers hasn’t changed and we’re still the same people behind your next project.