entrance control turnstiles for visitor management

Entrance control and access control: The twin pillars of a robust visitor security strategy

An effective visitor management strategy is a vital element in maintaining building security; monitoring and managing the access and movement of visitors is key to maintaining the safety of staff members and protection of assets and sensitive data.

While many businesses adopt a manual approach to visitor management – often issuing basic ID cards that grant universal access within a space – this approach can leave businesses vulnerable to attack, and, as a more time-consuming process, could create bottlenecks for visitors.

Step in entrance control and access control systems: the integration of these technologies can establish a formidable defence against unauthorised individuals gaining access to a space, while enhancing the overall security posture of a business.

These systems work together to police, manage and monitor the entry and movement of individuals; they are two key security defences businesses must employ to achieve an effective visitor security strategy.

Entrance control: The first line of defence

Entrance control serves as the first line of defence: controlling who gains physical access to a building or premises and stopping attempts by unauthorised individuals. This involves the use of physical measures such as turnstiles – including those provided by us at Integrated Design Limited – and security personnel stationed at entry points. The primary purpose of entrance control is to control and regulate the flow of individuals, allowing only authorised personnel access into a building. The visible presence of entrance control measures also acts as a deterrent, setting the tone for a secure environment from the moment visitors arrive.

Our entrance control systems – which incorporate Fastlane turnstiles and Door Detective  – have been designed to balance the needs of aesthetics, security, ease of use and flow rates demanded by today’s modern entrance environment. We also offer the latest advanced technological solutions, such as biometric integration (read our article on the rise of biometers in entrance control here).

Access Control: Tailoring permissions with precision

Entrance control forms the physical defence, but it works most effectively with the integration of access control. These systems are the vital ingredient that are used to determine, define and manage specific permissions for visitors, taking security to a granular level; entrance control systems enforce the direction given by access control.

Access control systems enable businesses to create distinct user profiles, categorising individuals based on their roles and responsibilities: from permanent staff; to cleaners and workmen needing access for a few weeks; to one-time visitors. Each type of user can be given their own access hours, credential type, period of access and other characteristics; new individual users can be added equally quickly.

The software may have a built-in or optional visitor management module, or you might integrate a third party one; either way, these tools make it quick and easy to issue and revoke visitor credentials, whether on the day or before.

Alan Hardy, Sales Manager EMEA at Integrated Design Limited, adds: “In higher-security installations, you might set a multi-card requirement. An example of that is a bank vault that won’t open until three employees all present a credential. If you need to, you can enforce an escort mode, where visitors must be accompanied through security points by a staff member. You can also set route enforcement, where certain users must pass through a specific sequence of readers in order, regardless of their access level.

“Modern systems also make it easier to respond after a breach. The audit trail will list every credential issue and every use. If something was stolen, you can quickly determine who was nearby at the time. If CCTV is present, you can immediately check the relevant footage. That can also be used to visually check that the user who presented a credential really was that person.”

The combination of entrance control and access control creates a comprehensive security solution that addresses the intricacies of visitor management. By integrating these two pillars, businesses can achieve heightened security while maintaining a streamlined and efficient flow of individuals within their premises.

With advanced solutions available for both entrance and access control systems, businesses are well-positioned to leverage these two pillars for a powerful and adaptive visitor security strategy.

Our speciality lies in entrance control solutions, but our open systems can integrate seamlessly with whatever access control solution you choose. Click here for an overview on access control versus entrance control.

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