Brexit statement from Integrated Design Limited

Brexit statement from Integrated Design Limited

Integrated Design Limited continues to closely monitor developments as the UK prepares for the changes that leaving the EU will bring. If no deal has been agreed, the UK and EU will revert to WTO rules and we will be subject to normal customs processes already in place as they are for EU imports from Australia or China, for example.

IDL have an Economic Registration and Identification number (EORI), GB422345188000 which will be used by customs authorities to exchange information with government departments and agencies. If you are an EU customer of IDL, we will need to know your EORI number to enable you to continue to import our products.

We will continue to work with established couriers for shipment into the EU who can support us with any extra requirements relating to customs clearance entries and summary declarations but customers should be aware that shipment delivery times may well be extended due to new customs clearance requirements.

There may well be increased duty and tariffs, increased cost of freight and customs administration and these charges will be detailed on our final invoicing for shipments. We are looking at ways to mitigate this to ensure a minimal impact on our customers.

We recognise that many of our valued customers may have concerns and we encourage any of our customers or partners to contact us should they have any queries. We would like to reassure you that our team are actively working to reduce any inconvenience where at all possible.