BIM Object web page with Fastlane turnstiles on screen

BIM turnstiles available for a global audience

Fastlane turnstiles have been uploaded to BIMobjecttm to make it simple for our global customers to download complete and detailed 3D BIM objects for architects, designers and specifiers to use directly in their renders, specifications and calculations.

Sixteen of our most specified entrance control turnstiles have been uploaded to the site, which offers architects, designers and specifiers the ability to download details irrespective of which CAD software they use.  Most popular turnstiles to date include Glassgate 300, Fastlane Compact, Glassgate 150 and Fastlane Plus 30MA.

In addition to the BIM downloads, the entries include an in depth description of the product with weight and dimensions, installation and electrical connections and functionality, as well as a link to a sales representative who can give more information as necessary to progress your project.

The Fastlane range of security turnstiles are already online with the NBS Library which attracts a predominantly British audience because of the connection with RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects).  Inclusion in this database has shown how useful BIM objects are in helping to ensure a successful project and so we looked to bring this to a wider customer base through BIMObject.  Already it has resulted in over 1,000 downloads, from countries including Russia, America, China Mexico and Guatemala.

To download Fastlane products, visit BIMObject or follow the links on our website.