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Fastlane turnstiles secure The University of Manchester (for the third time!)

The University of Manchester has recently refreshed the entrance to its Stopford Building, home to the University’s Medical School, giving the building a more modern look and feel. As part of this makeover, the entrance control system also required updating.

The University had originally installed Fastlane Plus R200 AS barrier arm turnstiles, the first generation of the Fastlane Plus range, in 2004. In 2006, they upgraded to the Fastlane Plus R300 MA turnstiles, with a Passgate for disabled access and deliveries.

Before: Fastlane Plus R300 MA turnstiles with a Passgate

Having been in place for over 12 years with no problems experienced, and with the units being very well used throughout that time, the R300 MAs were starting to look a little dated so it was only right for the University to upgrade its entrance control system and to again explore what Integrated Design Limited could offer.

Working with Autogate Systems Ltd, the University upgraded to the Fastlane Glassgate 150, offering the latest in elegant design, intelligent technology and security.

After: Fastlane Glassgate 150s

Two banks of Fastlane Glassgate 150s have been installed within the Stopford Building, one at the dedicated entrance and the other at the exit, to prevent the most common of access control violations such as tailgating, pass-backs and unauthorised entry, creating an internal security perimeter and ensuring a safe working environment for staff, students and visitors. Installation took place over two consecutive weekends to minimise disruption to staff and students.

The Glassgate 150 offers a stylish, compact and cost-effective option, alongside the very latest in high tech entrance security. Featuring sleek materials, such as a stainless-steel enclosure, glass spine panel and glass pedestal height swing barriers, the Glassgate 150 has been well received by the University which was looking for a more modern design, whilst still providing the required level of security.

“Our client was really happy with the original Fastlane turnstiles installed on site but, with the building being refreshed and the advancements in technology – not to mention the high level of use the old units have received over the years – an upgrade was required,” comments James Hennessey, Technical Engineer & CAD at Autogate Systems Ltd. “Fastlane turnstiles were the obvious choice, with the client having experienced no problems with previous installations and IDL’s range of Speedgates perfectly satisfying the client’s brief for something with a lighter aesthetic, a high level of security whilst also being able to cover all of the existing fixings.”

The swing-action, bi-directional dual glass barriers on the Glassgate 150s were provided at a standard lane width of 660mm with one lane at a wider width of 914mm to allow disabled access compliant to the DDA or ADA regulations. Being integrated with an access control system, card readers and a remote control switch for manual operation of the turnstiles also removed the need for a separate Passgate to allow visitor access or deliveries.

“When refreshing the Stopford Building, the University of Manchester chose to upgrade their entrance control system too to complement its more modern aesthetic,” comments Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Integrated Design Limited. “They upgraded their Fastlane Plus R300 MA turnstiles to Glassgate 150s fairly reluctantly, as the R300 MAs were still working well, albeit looking a little dated. It’s really rewarding when an existing customer feels it’s time to upgrade and they come back to us again for a solution, especially when this is the third time for Manchester University.”

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