Securing a multi site development in Qatar

Fastlane turnstiles have recently been installed across ten office buildings located in the central business district (CBD) in Doha, Qatar.

The client, a prominent Qatari energy supplier, had a requirement to ensure that all main building entrances would be secure, restricting access to authorised personnel only, while at the same time the entrance control solution needed to be unobtrusive, blending subtly with the overall aesthetic of the complex.

Working with one of our key installation partners in the region, Itelligent Technologies, both Glassgate 250s and customised Glasswings were installed across the complex.

The project consists of 10 high-rise towers ranging from 15 to 46 storeys all interconnected at Ground and Podium levels including a Metro Rail Link bridge connecting to the nearest metro station.

For a project of this particular size, 25 lanes of the Glassgate 250 were installed within the lift lobbies. Designed for high pedestrian throughput, the Glassgate 250 has the capability to process up to 60 people per minute. The bi-directional dual glass barriers are designed to work in a normally closed mode and open after a valid card or visitor signal has been presented to allow the authorised user to pass.

A further 15 lanes of Fastlane’s Glasswings were installed across all main entrances. As with all Fastlane turnstiles, the Glasswing utilises state-of-the-art optical technology to allow authorised entry after a valid card has been presented, closing quickly behind each user to prevent any tailgaters trying to gain unauthorised access and processing pedestrians at a rate of up to 1 per second. But, unlike the other turnstiles in the Speedgates range, the glass barriers of the Glasswing retract inside the pedestal.

Alan Hardy, Sales Manager for EMEA at IDL adds, “It was great to work with client, consultant, main contractor and local partners on this high profile project in Qatar. Both our Glassgate 250 and Glasswing turnstiles were a great choice for the client providing a security solution that is both pleasing to the eye, yet simple and intuitive to use.

“As with most Fastlane products, the client benefited from the ease of integration and customisation options. Here the turnstiles were integrated with the building’s existing access control system and the Glasswings were fitted with full Corian deep black quartz tops and black acrylic reader windows.”

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