Protecting Assets While Ensuring Ease of Student Access

The two Learning Resource Centres at the University of Hertfordshire are central to life for students studying at the university. They are home to the library and computing facilities that support students during their studies and so it is vital for the university to keep these valuable assets secure while at the same time ensuring ease of access for users.

Back in 2019, the university looked to upgrade their existing entrance control system and were also keen to work with an integration partner to improve how the library could ensure their print materials and digital media resources were protected from theft or unintended removal.

Working with systems integrator, 2CQR, part of the Lyngsoe Systems Group, an integrated solution of Fastlane’s Glassgate 200 turnstiles together with 2CQR’s P45/P50 RFID gates were installed at two library locations.

Two sets of six lanes of the Glassgate 200 turnstiles improve the flow of students into and out of the library, allowing access to approved users only with the use of barcode credentials preventing issues such as tailgating, passbacks and unauthorised entrance attempts.

As part of the project, 2CQR also installed self-service kiosks where students could check-in and check-out their books with the separate RFID gates enabling the library to monitor stock. When someone walks between the gates with a library item that has not been checked out properly, an alarm would sound and the barriers on the turnstile lock so the user can’t exit until the book is tagged and activated correctly using the self-service kiosks.

Simon Davies, Account Manager at 2CQR commented: “we’ve been partnering with Integrated Design Limited, and installing their Fastlane entrance control products, for a number of years. We find that their compact and stylish turnstiles complement our RFID gates, offering a streamlined yet secure solution for our library customers.

“For the University of Hertfordshire project, the client required a system that would allow them to protect their resources while at the same time allow the students and staff to be able to access the library with ease. The combination of Fastlane turnstiles and our P45/P50 RFID gates met the brief perfectly.”

The Glassgate 200 provides a compact entrance control solution, as thanks to its single bi-directional swinging glass barrier, the total width of the unit is brought down to just 600mm per lane. The smaller unit does not compromise on security, however, and offers barrier heights up to 1800mm fulfilling the requirements of recent trends for full height barriers. Additionally, there are options to include locking brakes in order to further heighten its security capabilities.

Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Integrated Design Limited, added: “We have a great deal of experience securing library facilities and together with 2CQR, the integrated solution installed at the University of Hertfordshire means that authorised users can now enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience when using the library, without the need for staff intervention. It was great to work alongside the 2CQR team to ensure the university not only had a solution that kept their assets secure but one that would also improve the overall access management of the library.”

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