Three key security requirements for The Ministry of Labour in Riyadh resolved by Fastlane

When it came to The Ministry of Labour located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, securing its main office entrance, there were a number of key requirements which had to be met. A high level of security was a must, but this needed to be balanced with style. A touchless entrance experience for users was also a priority.

With these three needs in mind, AlMaalim International Co. – one of our key installation partners in the Middle East – knew that Fastlane turnstiles were the only option, and three customised Fastlane Glassgate 150s were installed in May 2021.

The Glassgate 150 provides the very latest in high-tech entrance security and offers a cost-effective route to preventing the most common access control violations, such as tailgating, passbacks and unauthorised entrance attempts, ensuring a safe working environment for staff and visitors. Featuring sleek materials, such as a stainless-steel enclosure, glass spine panel, and glass pedestal height swing barriers, the Glassgate 150 also offers a stylish and compact entrance control solution.

When seamlessly integrated with IDEMIA’s MorphoWave™ Compact readers – with their touchless 3D fingerprint technology – authorised users are able to gain access with a simple wave of the hand, delivering on the client’s requirement for a touchless entrance experience. This integration also means there is virtually no dwell time for users, as the system is capable of processing up to 50 users per minute, avoiding the issue of bottlenecks forming during peak times.

As well as providing seamless user operation, the touchless biometric system has been well received by users as they begin to return to the office post-pandemic due to improved hygiene, as no physical contact is required to gain authorised access through the turnstiles. The use of integrated technologies means that touchpoints are reduced at the main entrance, which experiences the highest footfall, and is an effective way of improving and maintaining hygiene standards.

Commenting on The Ministry of Labour’s choice of turnstile, Deya Alkhateeb – Executive Manager at Al Maalim International Co. – said: “The Glassgate 150 units are really quiet when in operation and this, along with their elegant design, complements our client’s office environment perfectly. IDL also has a unique approach to integrating the MorphoWave™ Compact readers with their turnstiles. Their technical and design teams go to the effort of incorporating the readers into the pedestal of the turnstile itself, rather than treating it as a bolt-on, which provides a much more appealing finish and has resulted in a happy client.”

Alan Hardy – Sales Manager for EMEA at IDL – adds: “Our clients in EMEA find attributes such as reliability, quality and a comprehensive aftersales service important when it comes to choosing an entrance control system. This is why Fastlane products are well received in this market. The Fastlane Glassgate 150 model, in particular, continues to prove popular in the Middle East due to its ability to simultaneously provide the required level of security whilst also complementing high-spec, elegant environments with its sleek, modern styling. This was a great project to work on with Al Maalim International Co. and I look forward to many more in this region in the future.”

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