Protecting resources while maintaining straightforward access

Fastlane Glasswing turnstiles installed at Newcastle University’s Philip Robinson Library

With books being their most valuable asset, preventing the loss of them is critical for any library. During the recent refurbishment of Newcastle University’s Philip Robinson Library, protecting their collection was high on their list of priorities, along with ensuring students enjoy a hassle-free experience when accessing the library’s facilities.

Fastlane Glasswing turnstiles were integrated with the 2CQR Ltd PG45/P50 book detection system and installed in the library’s refurbished reception area to protect materials while ensuring student, staff and visitor accessibility remained smooth.

Having won the contract to install the self-service Phoenix kiosks, the Libretto expandable sortation system and the PG45/PG50 book detection systems, 2CQR recommended several Fastlane entrance control turnstiles to the university, based on the reliability and aesthetics of our products, our ability to integrate their book detection system seamlessly with our turnstiles, and the strength of our existing relationship with them.

The university selected the Fastlane Glasswing model for three key reasons:

1) It is an elegant solution and the only model in the Fastlane range where the glass barriers retract inside the pedestal
2) It is quiet when in operation
3) The Glasswing model most closely resembles the university’s previous entrance control turnstile, helping users to quickly accept the new system

Like all models in the Fastlane range, the Glasswing features state-of-the-art optical technology that authorises user entry upon detecting a valid credential – whether that’s a card, fob, smart device, finger print etc. – closing swiftly behind each user in order to prevent tailgaters trying to gain unauthorised access. Additionally, the Glasswing can process users at a rate of up to one per second.

When integrated with the 2CQR Ltd book detection system, if someone passes through the turnstile with a book which hasn’t been checked out correctly, an alarm is triggered and the barriers on the turnstile lock so the user can’t exit until the book is tagged and activated correctly using the self-service kiosks.

As with any turnstile installation in a university library, there were tight deadlines which had to be adhered to. As the main campus library, and being open 24 hours a day, installation at the Philip Robinson Library was planned to take place in August 2019, while most of the students were away from campus. Installation was also completed alongside other development works during the building’s wider refurbishment, which meant a flexible approach was required to work around other contractors and accommodate shifting deadlines.

“I’m extremely happy with the sortation system and integrated book detection and entrance control solution, which is not only functional but also complements the design of our newly refurbished reception area,” comments John Williams, Head of Collections Management and Digital Library Services at Newcastle University. “It’s always a concern when managing the implementation of a new system, as we need everything to run smoothly in order to prevent any disruption to the students. The Fastlane Glasswing turnstiles have worked perfectly from the outset, and we couldn’t be happier with them.”

Lynn Spokes, Library Account Manager at 2CQR, adds: “Newcastle university was an existing client of ours, so when it came to recommending an entrance control manufacturer to partner with on this project, we needed a provider we could trust. Integrated Design Limited’s products not only fit the bill perfectly in terms of stylish design and reliability, their sales team also provide great support during the planning phases of a project and their technical team is excellent at seamlessly integrating our book detection systems with their turnstiles. It’s always great to have a happy end user, and we look forward to future projects with Newcastle University and IDL.”

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