Integrated Design Contracts

Fastlane products are designed and manufactured by Integrated Design Limited (IDL), as such the core business for IDL is manufacturing and global distribution of Fastlane products.

IDL will provide upon request commissioning services, and in the UK in particular we offer onsite services for customers that would like support with their installation works.

Our typical scope of works is as follows:

a) To assist the client/customer with the planning of the installation

b) To provide method statement and risk assessment documentation for our works

c) To provide the installation of the remote power supplies and termination of the low voltage power supply and turnstile signal cables to the pedestals

d) To facilitate the access control system provider with the termination of card readers and the integration of the control signals within the Fastlane enclosures

e) To bring the Fastlane product into service with the support of access control system provider

f) To provide handover certificate


Enabling works will be required before IDL can provide onsite services, the typical scope of works for these work to be provided by our customer or others is as follows:

a) To provide a level foundation for the product (floor composition requires a concrete slab for securing the chem. fixings)

b) To provide the evasive drilling for the fixing of the turnstile and any core cutting required

c) To provide the required cables, ducts, conduits and containment for the electrical installation requirements (from each pedestal to the remote power supply, access control system, fire panel and reception desk as required)

d) To provide electrical services for remote power supply units (5A fuse spur per power supply)

e) To provide a suitable access control system with volt free outputs for request to enter and request to exit signals (normally open closing for 1s)

f) To provide a normally closed fire panel relay contact for integration with the turnstile

g) To provide any making good as required

Our goal is to facilitate the Fastlane installation process for our customers in accordance with their requirements. However, these works are provided strictly to our standard terms and conditions of sale, if a sub-contact or customer terms and conditions of sale are required, our contracts company Integrated Design Contracts Ltd (IDC) will provide a quotation for the required works, again a level of enabling works will be required to support the installation works.