Barrier Arm Turnstiles

Fastlane plus is the very latest in high tech entrance control systems. The system uses state of the art optical tailgate technology to monitor the passage of every individual entering and leaving a facility and fast acting barrier arms to physically deter unauthorised access. This unique combination of technologies provides all the ease of use and aesthetic qualities associated with Fastlane, the world's leading optical turnstile range, with the added protection and deterrent effect that physical barriers provide.

Clients and employees alike pass through Fastlane plus with speed and safety while unauthorised entry attempts are identified. The intelligence of Fastlane plus combined with the speed of activation of the barrier arms enables the system to have a minimal footprint thereby ensuring a discreet presence and minimal impact on the building design.

Barrier Arm Turnstiles - 400 MA

R400MA catThe 400 MA is our top of the range Fastlane plus variant and includes premium features such as breakaway arms, deterring tailgaters at 150 mm and 20 detection IR beams including 4 safety beams. 


Barrier Arm Turnstiles - 400 AS

S400AS_cat The Fastlane plus 400 AS has an additional set of detection beams to the MA variant. This allows the lane to work in a Normally Open as well as Normally Closed mode depending on preference or the current security level within the facility.


Barrier Arm Turnstiles - 30 MA

S30MA catThe 30 MA is our entry level Fastlane plus variant and includes a single fixed arm, which locks in the closed position and includes a breakaway module for extra safety. The unit operates 12 detection beams that include 4 safety beams.