cpd_150x150RIBA members are required to complete 35 hours of CPD each year, points are awarded for the relevance of the CPD for that individual. RIBA approved material is awarded a double weighting of points making them more beneficial to the individual.
The seminar provided by IDL is entitled; Choices in Entrance Control: Balancing the DDA, Security and Aesthetics is designed to educate Architects, Facility Managers and Engineers in the product options available in entrance control.

Seminar Objectives:

To provide an understanding of the product options and the key issues to consider when specifying entrance control

When comparing product options particular focus is given to the DDA, aesthetics, security levels and ease of use

To assist the specifiers to understand the choices available in entrance control

To enable specifiers to make the correct choice for each project subject to its needs

To explain the basics of access control and ID devices

To discuss the key issues in entrance control such as aesthetics, security, the DDA, speed of throughput, cost and ease of use

To introduce the product options in entrance control including ½ height turnstiles, optical turnstiles, speedgates, full height turnstiles, man traps and entrance gates

To give an overview of the current market trends

Duration: 1 Hour

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