Barrier Arm Turnstiles - 30 MA

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The 30 MA is our entry level Fastlane plus variant and includes a single fixed arm with a breakaway module. The unit operates 12 detection beams that include 4 safety beams, which are designed to stop the arms closing if they detect someone is in the way of them.

Fastlane plus also features a fire alarm input to retract and disable the barrier arms, thereby allowing free, unrestricted emergency egress and in power fail the system can be configured to fail safe. This is our latest model with an extra quiet barrier arm. As with all Fastlane plus units the narrow pedestal width, combined with the fact that the same slim pedestal is used for creating wheelchair width access, makes the product ideal for applications in reception areas and lift lobby entrances where there may be space constraints.

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More Secure - Up to 12 beam IR detection matrix provides unsurpassed tailgate detection and deterrence; tailgaters are detected following as close as 5 mm behind authorised users and are deterred by a physical barrier if they are as close as 150 mm behind. The 2-stage alarm response provides an early audible warning alarm followed by a secondary output for a higher security response e.g. to trigger CCTV or lock doors.

Greatest Throughput - Means a greater return on investment. 1 person per second often means fewer turnstiles are required, and less wasted time in queues which leads to greater user acceptance.

Unsurpassed Accuracy - Virtually eliminates false alarms. The intelligence of Fastlane plus enables the system to differentiate between body mass and small objects such as umbrellas etc. This increases user and guard acceptance, avoiding "tune-out" and frustration from excessive false alarms.

Most Aesthetic and Streamlined Design - Fastlane plus is an architect-inspired solution; with 965 mm by 162 mm enclosures, it takes up less space than other systems. The units for wider disabled access are the same width as all other pedestals. IDL offers a full design service for custom enclosures, as well as alternative colours and materials.

Easiest Installation and Ongoing Maintenance - CAT 5 interconnections provide plug ‘n' play simplicity. Industry proven technology and onboard diagnostics to ensure maximum system up-time.

Safety - Fastlane plus features multiple safety beams designed to stop the barrier arms from colliding with users. The units feature a Fire Alarm input to allow for safe, unimpeded emergency evacuation and the 30 series features unique self-resetting break away arms for safer operation.

Secure 2-Stage Alarm Response - Fastlane plus functions automatically and in the event that someone enters without presenting an authorised card an alarm will sound and the barriers will activate to deter the unauthorised entrant. If that person then attempts to push past the barrier arms then a second, louder alarm will sound and a secondary relay will be triggered, which can be used to control stricter security actions such as triggering CCTV, locking doors or controlling elevators. As well as monitoring for unauthorised entry and exit, Fastlane plus can also detect tailgating, collusion, obstruction, non-entry and assist any anti pass-back features in the access control system.

Disabled Access - Fastlane plus is fully compliant with the UK Disabilities and Discrimination Act (DDA), as well as most similar international standards. Audio/Visual feedback is provided as standard and the turnstile provides for unhindered wheelchair access without the need for a separate passgate.

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