Customers Comments

“The barrier-free operation and range of enclosures that Fastlane is available in, meant that it was the only turnstile option that could meet the criteria of detecting unauthorised entry, eliminating tailgating and pass-back, in the discreet aesthetic form that was required.”
Nigel Fox of Advance

Bahrain Financial Harbour
“Being given the task of providing a secure security solution for such a modern environment was a challenge.  Fastlane Glassgate speedgates were the only logical choice, with their aesthetic enclosures, narrow footprint and glass barriers creating the secure solution while maintaining an easy to use welcoming atmosphere“.
Sreeni Kalliyatt, Director-Operations, from Bell ID, Bahrain who was managing the installation requirements for a number of projects in the Harbour

CB Richard Ellis
"We recommended Fastlane optical turnstiles’ comments John Moran of GES ‘because they replace the physical barrier of traditional turnstiles with infra red beams thereby allowing it to fit in with the architects design for the reception area. Fastlane still provides the level of security required but is much quicker and more convenient for the staff and visitors to use and it is also compliant with the UK Disabilities act. The building uses a lot of Fossil stone marble for its flooring and reception desk and we where able to have the Fastlane vanity tops finished in the same material to help blend the units in to the overall design concept of the building."
John Moran of GES

Commerz Bank
“With around 1000 people a day passing through the building’s entrance area, speed of throughput was a key requirement. Commerzbank are delighted with the Glasswing Speedgates, the high technical specification and custom finish met their time and attendance requirements, without compromising the look of the surroundings."
Anja Fiske from M+W Zander, who are responsible for facilities management at Commerzbank London

Computer Associates
“Traditional turnstiles are just too slow; Fastlane offered us an excellent alternative to conventional turnstiles.  They provide us with an effective method of security, congestion is kept to a minimum, they are very simple to use and they blend in particularly well with the design scheme of the new building.”
Computer Associates

Downtown Jebel Ali (Limitless)
“We are very pleased to have been chosen to work on such a large scale landmark development as Down Town Jebel Ali.  Many aspects can be stressful, getting everything together on time and to the highest quality.  Working with IDL’s Glassgates was not one of them, with the speed and ease of the installation and integration in to the fire alarm system.”
Houssam Chehabeddine, Project Engineer Royaa Security Systems LLC

Ernst & Young
“The systems provide an effective means of balancing my responsibility to ensure a secure environment without adversely affecting employee relations.”
Rodney Robson, Director of Security at Ernst & Young

First Security (12 Arthur Street)
“Fastlane plus ticked all the right boxes, the optical technology and drop down barrier arm offered the level of security and fast throughput we required, while the unit’s narrow footprint allowed us to have 2 lanes, including one wide enough for a wheelchair, in a gap where we would only have been able to fit one lane of a traditional glass speedgate. The extra lane has ensured there are no hold ups for authorised staff gaining access to the building which has resulted in better user acceptance.”
Dave Fanshawe of First Security

“Door Detective is a great supplement to our access control system. It is being used in secure areas where we have to ensure only authorised staff has access, and the access control system by itself may not have been enough. For staff using Door Detective there is no difference, but now Gemplus security personnel are alerted each time someone tries to tailgate through a key area.”
Geoff Flowers, Corporate Security, Gemplus

“Fastlane plus was an ideal choice for the HBoS as it allows extremely fast throughput of authorised people and alerts the security team to any unauthorised entrants, whilst also physically deterring them. The Fastlane’s aesthetics are very much in keeping with the building reception, thereby maintaining a favourable impression to colleagues and visitors of HBoS.”
Peter Marsh, Senior Project Manager, HBoS

“I think this is yet another example of two companies creating added value for its customers through effective collaboration.  Definitely a case of 1+1=3.”
Marc Freundlich, President of Indala

Kuwait Computer Services (KCS)
"We did considerable research in to the market and Fastlane plus was the ideal product for this application. We required a high throughput turnstile to match the fast acting Lenel system whilst at the same time there was limited space available in some of the reception areas. Fastlane plus has the smallest foot print of any speedgate we came across on the market and its fast acting barriers arms combined with its advanced intelligence made it the ideal product. The Fastlane plus speedgates and Lenel system have been an ideal integration to provide us a highly secure entrance control system  with the ability to match flow rates demanded by such a busy office building."
Daniel Van Kerckhove of KCS

Lloyd's of London
"The Fastlane range offered us the solutions we were looking for, a small discreet turnstile system that can handle high levels of throughput and give us the security we need whilst not impacting on our unique building design."
John Mitchell - Lloyd's Head of Property

Lloyds Bank
“We required a turnstile that would create as little impact on the building as possible. We looked at a variety of options ranging from traditional turnstiles, glass turnstiles and Fastlane. The Corporation of London suggested the use of Fastlane, as its lack of physical barrier provides a very open appearance. This, combined with making the unit out of glass, gave us the most discreet option possible whilst maintaining security.”
Julian Castle, Senior Architect of Lloyds Bank

Microsoft (Dublin)
“The barrier-free operation and range of enclosures that Fastlane is available in, meant that it was the only turnstile option that could meet the criteria of detecting unauthorised entry, eliminating tailgating and pass-back, in the discreet aesthetic form that was required.”
Thomas Roche, Facilities Specialist at Microsoft

Mitsubishi Corporation
“We recommended the Fastlane plus R400 MA as it answered Mitsubishi’s requirement for a user friendly, yet secure security perimeter into the building, while the slim pedestal design and brushed stainless steel finish suited the surrounding architecture perfectly.”
Mr Nakamura of Yonei & Company

“Everyone at MyTravel has been very impressed with the new Fastlane Glassgates, which greatly enhance the corporate image of our reception area. The staff fully appreciate the need for additional security measures and the fast throughput has meant that people aren’t inconvenienced by the new system.”
 David Thew, Group Property, Procurement & Facilities Director at MyTravel

Office Projects (Cobbett's Solicitors)
“We can see now why Tilney Shane specified Fastlane Glassgate speedgates from IDL, as they successfully combine the high security needs and throughput requirements of the modern office environment with the aesthetics to match.”
Adam Rowe of Office Projects Ltd

Portman Square Properties (35 Portman Square)
“The Fastlane Glassgate entry barriers are an important part of the security regime installed in our office building at 35 Portman Square, London W1 to prevent unauthorised entry without imposing on the design of our main reception but at the same time maintaining an easy user friendly swipe card system which is very important in multi tenant properties.”
Richard Ashby, Managing Director of Portman Square Properties Ltd

“Fastlane offers us a very strong security perimeter but does not detract from openness of our reception area and atrium. Fastlane’s technology has enabled us to comfortably process over a thousand people per day. Sight lines and openness have been fundamental to the design of the office building, the use of a barrier turnstile would have been counter to this.”
Gavin Davies, Head of HQ Services for Prudential

“We tried our best to go faster than Fastlane could process, but we just couldn’t do it.”
Michael A. Gips, Senior Editor of Security Management magazine, testing Fastlane at QVC, Pennsylvania

“Fastlane allows all authorised staff quick, unimpeded access with an alarm activating to alert security only in the event of an unauthorised entry attempt. The company regards its clients as business partners so it was important that the entrance security maintained a welcoming and trusting image for visitors. Fastlane’s barrier-free operation has proved to be the ideal solution.”
Gavin Davis, Facilities Manager, Railtrack

Security Installer Magazine
“As part of a well funded system of strategic access control Door Detective cannot be really faulted.”
Security Installer Magazine

Thomas Cook
“Fastlane provides the level of security protection we require, enabling staff to gain rapid and convenient entry to work. Visitors are greeted with a discreet method of security screening ensuring that Thomas Cook presents a relaxed and welcoming presence to clients in which to do business, whilst detecting all unauthorised entrants.”
Frank Magee of Thomas Cook Property Services

University of Manchester
“We were really happy with the original Fastlane pedestals installed on site, but with such an increase in the level of technology available today and the change in architectural design, not to mention the high level of use they have received, an upgrade was imminent.  Fastlane plus was again the obvious choice as it gives the same fast throughput required for such a large number of people, while greatly improving on the current security and aesthetics.”
John Dent of BLE